Horisons A 2016 - title pages

1. Republic of Macedonia and refugee crisis- between the hammer and the anvilJove Kekenovski, PhD

2. Humanitarian intervention between law and politicsZoran Jordanoski, LL.M

3. The ACTA Agreement and MacedoniaSasha Dukoski, Ph.D, Svetlana Veljanovska, PhD

4. Digital heritage through the prism of legislation in the Republic of MacedoniaSvetlana Veljanovska, PhD, Blagoj Nenovski, MSc, Cvetan Veljanovski

5. Conservative political ideas and nationalism in the former Yugoslav societyArse Petreski, PhD

6. Different determinations of the concept for national securityTatjana Gerginova, PhD

7. Features of the Macedonian power-sharing model and its futureNikola Ambarkov, MSc

8. About some lexical characteristics in the philosophy of Saint Clement of OhridValentina Gulevska, PhD

9. St. Clement’s epistles of praise – general characteristicsAnita Angelevska, PhD

10. Promoting small business and entrepreneurship in Macedonia: policies, perceptions and expectations at municipal levelNinko Kostovski, PhD, Snezana Hristova, PhD

11. Evidence for the certain factors impact on foreign capital distribution within the bank markets in Central and East EuropeAnastas Dzurovski, PhD, Blagoj Gotgievski, PhD

12. Financial fraud and the role of the auditor, Pece Nikolovski, PhD, Marina Blazhekovikj Toshevski, PhD, Goce Menkinoski, PhD

13. Brand as an instrument in international marketingGoce Menkinoski, PhD, Marina Blazhekovikj Toshevski, PhD, Pece Nikolovski, PhD

14. Security and trade facilitation – the evidence from MacedoniaDanijela Miloshoska, PhD, Ivica Smilkovski, PhD

 15. E-marketing strategy for the presentation of the companies of digital marketsKarolina Ilieska, PhD

 16. Contrastive approach to verbal communication in the tourism discourseIrina Petrovska, PhD

 17. Entrepreneurial design of quality initiatives in small tourism businessBranko Nikolovski, PhD, Tatjana Dimoska, PhD

 18. Tourism and small and medium-sized enterprises impact on the employment in the Republic of Macedonia and in the Municipality of OhridTatjana Dimoska, PhD, Branko Nikolovski, PhD, Zoran Tuntev, PhD

 19. Analysis of the hospitality law of Republic of Macedonia with accent on the category national restaurant “meana”Danijela Miloshoska, PhD, Ivica Smilkovski, PhD, Jordan Kocevski, PhD

 20. Strategic planning of local development in the Republic of Macedonia with focus on MACstat DatabaseBranko Dimeski, PhD, Natasa Pelivanova, PhD, Mirjana Ristovska, PhD

 21. Productivity and the productivity factors of the agricultural sector in the Republic of MacedoniaMiroslav Gveroski, PhD, Anita Stamnova, PhD, Aneta Risteska, PhD

 22. Application of knowledge management process and marketing research in the food companiesAna Ristevska, PhD

 23. Auxiliary subject compliment construction in the French language and their equivalents in the Macedonian languageMilena Kasaposka-Chadlovska, PhD

 24. The use of po [after] and posle [afterwards] in the newspaper sub-style of the Macedonian standard languageVioleta Januševa, PhD

 25. The specifics of the reduced /ă/ under accent of the city Tetovo’s speech (historical and sociolinguistic approachDijana Petrovska, MA

 26. Praise epistles of four days of Lazarus and the praise epistle of prophet Elijah by St. Clement Ohridski – attribution, secondness, version, author, editorshipAnita Angelevska, PhD

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