The functioning of UKLO is built upon the principle of uniting the two fundamental activities, that of teaching and that of research. The University, respecting the principles of the Bologna Declaration and the Declaration of Salamanka that refer to the inseparability of science and higher education, introduces and conducts a unique policy of equal treatment of the two activities.

The academic units that represent the structure of UKLO are accredited for executing the scientific and research activities, but due to certain social conditions, such activities are not always performed with the desired intensity or dynamics. Still, there are certain UKLO units that have achieved great success in numerous applicative and developmental research projects in the academic areas of their particular interest.

UKLO academic staff is constantly involved in projects of great scientific significance that represent constituting parts of large scientific and research programs, that run in the Republic of Macedonia and takes active part in them.

The ever-growing number of doctoral thesis contributes to the intensifying the scientific and research activities and to the active inclusion of younger academic staff as potential researchers. 


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