The Rector’s Board consists of: rector, vice-rectors, and deans of the faculties, directors of higher vocational schools, directors of accredited scientific institutes and a students’ representative. 

The Rector manages the Rector’s Board.

The Secretary General takes part in the work of the Rectors’ Board without the right to decide.

The directors of the accompanying units could also take part in the work of the Rector’s Board when certain issues referring to their work are being discussed.

The Rector’s Board consists of:

  1. Sasho Korunovski, PhD, Rector
  2. Marjan Angeleski, PhD, Vice Rector
  3. Svetlana Nikoloska, PhD, Vice Rector
  4. Elizabeta Bahtovska, PhD, Vice Rector
  5. Violeta Manevska, PhD, Vice Rector
  6. Ofelija Hristovska, MSc, Secretary General
  7. Stojance Nusev, PhD, Dean
  8. Gjorgi Mancevski, PhD, Dean
  9. Cvetko Andreeski, PhD, Dean
  10. Valentina Gulevska, PhD, Dean
  11. Ljupce Kocoski, PhD, Dean
  12. Domnika Rajcanovska, PhD, Actin Director
  13. Oliver Bacanovic, PhD, Dean
  14. Pece Mitrevski, PhD, Dean
  15. Ilija Todorovski, PhD, Dean
  16. Valentina Pavlova, PhD, Dean
  17. Zhivko Gacovski, PhD, Dean
  18. Gordana Miceska, PhD, Director
  19. Goce Kostoski, PhD, Director
  20. Eli Luceska, PhD, Director
  21. Naume Gjorgievski, Director
  22. Snezhana Pazhik, Director
  23. Naume Gjorgiev, Director
  24. Students` union president

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