The seat of the University St.Kliment Ohridski is the city of Bitola. It is a city of rich cultural life. There are many international manifestations organized in Bitola: the international festival of cinematography “Manaki Brothers”, international festival of classic music “Interfest”, Festival of folk dances and music “Ilindenski denovi”, Bitola summer “Heraklea nights”, International graphic trienniale, the festival of alternative art “Acto” etc. One of the oldest ancient settlements-Heraclea Linkestis, founded by Filip II of Macedonia in the 4th century BC is situated near Bitola.


The sport life in Bitola is also very active. There are many professional sport teams of football, basketball and handball, which take part in many matches in the Macedonian national sport league. Besides in public sport objects, the students could also use the sport objects intended for their recreation, situated near the Students’ residence.


Prilep and Ohrid as well as the other university centers such as: Skopje, Veles, Kichevo, also have very rich offer in cultural and sport events.


Prilep is the city of the festival Vojdan Chernodrinski, which gathers all theatrical troops in our country performing their best plays. Prilep summer festival is also one of the most important cultural events. The city itself is a cultural and historical sight. The Old Bazaar as one of the characteristics of Prilep is also very important historical monument.


Ohrid, known in the world as a city-museum, is the centre of Christianity, seat of the Archiepiscopy. Ohrid is a city of 365 churches existing on its territory in the past. It is also famous for the Ohrid Lake, one of the oldest in the world.

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