The Hydro-biological institute is one of the oldest scientific institutions, founded back in the 1935 as unique scientific institution on the region of the Balkans. When the University in Bitola was founded in 1979 the Hydro-biological institute had become its member by signing the Agreement for mutual joining.

The organizational structure of this public scientific institution comprises: laboratories, offices and library. The biological disciplines are performed in several laboratories of microbiology, phytoplankton, zooplankton, cyprinids, fauna on the bottom, laboratory for practical fishery with fish reproduction pool, hydro-botanic, for chemistry of water, parasites, molecular biology, etc.

Naum Ohridski nr.50
Tel:    + 389 (0) 46 231 050
Fax: + 389 (0) 46 262 910
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The Institute for Ancient Slav culture in Prilep has been founded in 1979. It is one of the unique scientific institutions in our country.

The scientific-researching activities are organized in several departments: ethnology, anthropology, medieval and modern history of republic of Macedonia.

The organizational structure consists of:

  • Sector of scientific-researching activities including the following departments:
  • Department of archeology
  • Department of history of art
  • Department of history
  • Department of additional historical sciences (diplomacy, paleographic etc)
  • Sector of documentation and informatics
  • Sector of general, legal, administrative-technical and accountant-financial matters.

Institute for Ancient Slav literature
Kichevska n.n
Tel: + 389 (0) 48 412 715
Fax: + 389 (0) 48 412 858
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The National  Institution University Library St.Kliment Ohridski-Bitola, during its 65-years’ existence has contributed a lot for improving the cultural life, not only of the city of Bitola, where it is located, but in the wider region as well. The implementation of the university component in its functioning had become more evident after establishing the act of becoming a University unit a year after its foundation.

One important aspect of the institutional functioning has been promoted by the act of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, by which this institution has become national cultural institution in 2003.

The organizational structure consists of eight organizational units-sectors:

  1. Completing the library material
  2. Library-bibliography information
  3. Processing of monographic and periodical publications
  4. Improving librarianship
  5. Special library funds
  6. Lending and service
  7. Preservation and reprography
  8. General services

National Institution University Library
St.Kliment Ohridski
Leninova No. 39
Tel: +389 (0)47 220 208
Fax: + 389 (0)47 220 515
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The students’ residence Kocho Racin-Bitola is the only institution of this kind which is part of the University St.Kliment Ohridski in Bitola. This state institution provides accommodation and meals for the students on the higher-educational units of the University.

The total capacity of the students’ residence is 113 rooms with total of 360 beds. 2000 meals per day are prepared in the residence which can satisfy the needs not only of the students accommodated there, but of the students who are accommodated on other places. The residence is also equipped with special rooms for studying and its location allows practicing sports and other recreational activities on the special fields for football, basketball, volleyball etc.


Studentska No.2
Теl.: + 389 (0) 47 255 132
Fax: + 389 (0) 47 255 134 
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