The academic university studies in the second cycle last one or two years. Upon completing these studies the students acquire 60 or 120 ECTS. These studies can last longer if it is in accordance with the internationally accepted standards. The basic condition for enrolling the second cycle is completing the first cycle education. The student who acquired 300 or 360 ECTS is awarded the title master.

The offer for the second cycle studies for the academic 2015/2016:

Faculty of Technical Sciences-Bitola

Mechanical engineering

Industrial management

Traffic and transportation engineering – Road traffic and transportation

Graphic Engineering


Human environment protection engineering

Mechatronics (two years)


Road traffic and transportation (module in English language)

Mechatronics (study program in English)


Faculty of Economics-Prilep

Marketing management

International economy and business

Accounting, finances and revision

Business informatics

Business administration – Management

(module: Management, module: Entrepreneurship and small business management)


Financial management



Innovation and project management


Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality-Ohrid

Tourism (two years)

Insurance (two years)

Tourism (one year)

Insurance (one year)

Customs and freight forwarding

Gastronomy, nutrition and dietetics

Security and financial control (joint program with the Faculty of Security-Skopje)

Sustainable development of tourism (in English)


Faculty of Education – Bitola

Language study programs:

Macedonian language

English language

German language

Teacher training study programs:

Elementary school teaching methods

Pre-school teaching methods

Education management

Gifted and talented education


Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences-Bitola

Management in bio-technique

Animal products processing

Farm production

Farm production and agro-tourism

Farm production and agro business

Animal originated food safety and quality


Second cycle of specialist studies

Farm production


Faculty of Law – Kichevo

International law

Civil law

Criminal law

Faculty of Security – Skopje


International security

Forensic science

Security and financial control (joint program with the Faculty of Tourism and Hopsitality-Ohrid)


Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences-Veles

Nutrition (two years)

Nutrition (one year)

Food quality and safety management


Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies- Bitola

Information and computer technique

Information and computer technique (in English)

Engineering and software application management


Higher medical school – Bitola

Second cycle specialist studies

Medical nurse/technician

Intensive care

Gerontology and palliative care

Mental health

Family and care

Perioperative nursing

Oncology nursing


Rehabilitation in neurology

Rehabilitation in psychiatry

Rehabilitation in child care

Home rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in surgery, trauma and orthopedics

Medical laboratory analyst

Biochemical analysis

Microbiological analysis

Sanitation ecology


Perinatal care

Primary health care

Radiologic technology

CT and MR scanning


Scientific Tobacco Institute – Prilep

Tobacco production

Tobacco processing

Tobacco production (two years)

Tobacco processing (two years)

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